EARTH is the element that shapes the fourth cycle of programming of Lavrar o Mar - The Arts in Highlands and Costa Vicentina - which began in October 2019 and ends in May 2020.


Sea, mountain, dune, village, meadow and woods. These are all elements that are part of the EARTH. From the land where we were born, grew up and where we travel to. Physically or, in this case, through the arts. The arts act as a bridge between us and the other, between what is near and what is far, between the new and the old, between what is here and the world.

We have just entered a new decade that brings along great challenges that we will need to face in this place which we call EARTH. Therefore we wish that 2020 comes with more action, dialogue, empathy and care! Because EARTH there is only one. The new year begins with two shows dedicated to the younger ones and their families: A Grande Viagem do Pequeno Mi (Little Mi’s Great Journey) and A Cantora Deitada (The Lying-down Singer), based on works by the same name by Sandro William Junqueira, with Madalena Victorino in co-creation with different artists. Two shows that explore the power of imagination.

In February, we will continue the Medronho theatre project in the cathedrals of this secular firewater with another episode written by Afonso Cruz and directed by Giacomo Scalisi. At the end of February we will welcome Michel Laubu – a french artist and fictional anthropologist - with Deux Pierres (2πr), who will bring us a theatrical performance with unexpected objects, as well as a creative workshop for artists and interested people. In March, right at the beginning of Spring, we will start with Caminhadas com Arte (Walks with Art): a moment to walk alongside very particular persons that will guide de audience to contemplate and think.
These guides will be specialists in the arts, the sciences and thinkers of very different fields of study. In the end, the different groups will reconvene in one place for a late lunch in the open natural landscape.

On Easter Sunday, in April, three eastern gypsies musical brothers arrive from across the world. From Rajasthan, they will bring us a unique concert where sacredness will be felt in the pure air of the natural landscape. A journey through time and space with the ancient Sufi traditional music and classical Indian music. They are the Amrat Hussain Brothers Trio. This trio will create a workshop with local musicians, as well as share with children the way how this traditional music passes from father to child, from brother to brother, between cousins and from grandfathers to grandsons.

In late April, we will meet Rare Birds from the company Un Loup Pour L'Homme. A collective of new circus artists who seek their balance from others. They will also make a workshop for seniors in order to find the ideal grandmother acrobat.

The season will end in May with the community art creation Quando for... (Whenever it goes…) A performance of image, movement and sound. A large performing installation by Madalena Victorino, João Tuna, Rémi Gallet, Joana Guerra, Rita Rodrigues, Beatriz Dias, Inês Faria, among others.

The ploughing of the sea and the land continues its path. Plough with us this 2020 that has just born.


LAVRAR O MAR is a project by COSANOSTRA, Cultural Cooperative, CRL


Artistic Direction and Programming
Giacomo Scalisi, Madalena Victorino

Technical and Production Direction
Joaquim Madaíl, Maria Miguel Coelho

Finantial Consulting
Sandra Correia

Administration Management
Raquel Oliveira

Artistic Consulting and Field Production
Rémi Gallet

Vasco Almeida

Production Assistance
Guilherme Serrado

Matilde Real, Mário Rui Filipe

English Advisor
Keeley Cheston

João Mariano